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Port Moody Chiropractors Welcome You!

Revitalize Your Life at Optimum Family Chiropractic

Port Moody Chiropractors Dr. Gil Desaulniers, Dr. Marie Perron and Dr. Kevin Carey are dedicated to taking care of the families in our community. We seek to support you and your family in building your health so that you can get more out of life, together. At Optimum Family Chiropractic, our hope is that you’ll live the way you want, on your terms. Along with lifestyle-based chiropractic care, we’ll be a resource to guide you along the path to health.

Helping Moms-to-be and Kids Stay Healthy

When an expecting mom is healthy, she can enjoy a smoother labor and delivery and have a happy, healthy child. That’s why we are so passionate about offering pregnancy chiropractic care. Likewise, we are pleased to provide pediatric chiropractic care because healthier children can live out their life’s purpose, growing and developing at their full potential.

Contact our office today to schedule an appointment with Chiropractor Port Moody Dr. Gil, Dr. Marie or Dr. Kevin! We look forward to meeting you and your family.