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New Clients

Optimum Family Chiropractic is an inviting, open-concept, modern health care practice with a warm, family-focused feeling. Our clients are like our friends and family, and children feel right at home when they arrive. The necessary paperwork can be found below and brought in for your first appointment. We look forward to meeting you!




At your initial appointment, we want to know who you are, what you’ve been experiencing and what your goals are. When you walk in, you’ll be greeted by our team at the concierge desk. Then, you’ll meet one of our chiropractors for a detailed consultation. We want to understand how your health challenges are affecting you. The next step will be to have three scans taken with the Insight™ Subluxation Station:

  • Surface electromyography (sEMG)
  • Spinal thermography
  • Heart rate variability

These tests will demonstrate how well your nervous system is functioning and adapting to the stresses of life. We’ll also perform a spinal examination and have digital X-ray facilities on-site if images are needed.

This visit takes 45-60 minutes.


Before your second appointment, our team of chiropractors will have met to discuss your case. We work together, putting our years of experience and training at your disposal to determine how best to help you. Your doctor will then meet with you to explain the results of your scans and X-rays, if taken. We’ll discuss how we can help and what it will take to enter the initial phase of care. You will then receive your first adjustment.

This visit takes about 30 minutes.

Following Up

Your regular visits will take just a couple of minutes since we’ll have all the information necessary to give you the precise care you need. You’ll be greeted by our staff at the concierge desk, who will check you into our paperless office. You can then have a seat in the lounge/family room before being called to an adjusting table. The chiropractor will adjust you and talk to you about any appropriate lifestyle advice to help you progress.

How Long Do I Have to Continue Care?

You’re in control at our office. How do you want to care for your health? Just like going to the dentist periodically, chiropractic checkups can ensure that you enjoy a lifetime of abundant well-being.

Supporting Your Education

At your appointments, your chiropractor will talk to you about useful lifestyle tips. Progress evaluations involve extra resources we’ll share depending on your challenges, goals and what you’d like to learn more about. We hold workshops in and out of the practice, which you can find on our Facebook page.

New clients are welcome to attend the Optimum Results workshop, held Mondays at 6 p.m at our Port Moody practice.

Contact us today to find out more about our events or to schedule your appointment! We are open late for your convenience.


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