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Chiropractic Care

Function Better, Feel Better

We all want to live a pain-free life, but at Optimum Family Chiropractic, our focus goes beyond simple pain relief. We care about what you can do when you are no longer limited by pain—we want to help you live the best life you can and do the things you love. When your body works the way it should, it heals the way it should.

Repairing and restoring your body’s ability to adapt and heal itself are our initial goals. Once you are out of pain and your mechanical and neurological systems are functioning as they should, we shift to wellness care to maintain your optimal health. The frequency of your maintenance care depends on your specific needs and objectives, and is entirely up to you.

Our Techniques

Dr. Gil and Dr. Marie offer a wide variety of adjusting techniques, so they can tailor care to your individual situation and preferences. Our primary adjusting techniques include

  • Activator Methods®
  • Integrator™
  • Thompson Drop Table
  • Torque Release Technique™
  • Webster
We combine our care with supportive care, including lifestyle, nutrition and posture education. We have many clients who seek our care because their work posture is poor, which leads to neck pain and shoulder tension.

Focus on Education

While most of our new clients begin care because they have pain or a particular condition chiropractic can help with, we aim to educate our clients on holistic, whole-body choices regarding their overall health.

One way we do this is to go over your assessment results with you in detail. We take the time to explain the misalignments in your spine and show you what a spine should look like, so you can understand the underlying reason for your condition. We employ very user-friendly language and answer all your questions. We want you to participate fully in your care, and we consider ourselves your guides on your journey to taking control of your health, and the health of your family.

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